Heavy Duty Wood Splitters
With or Without Power Lift


WoodsplitterWe mount the splitting knife on the working end of the hydraulic ram - taking the work out of splitting. The knife slides through the log, splits it and pieces fall into the cradle mounted on the side of the machine. Ram provides 43,981 lbs. of push (approxomately 22 tons of pressure) back of the cutting knife. Basic unit weighs 655 lbs. without the power lift.

  • 4 inch cylinder diameter
  • 24, 36 or 48 cylinder stroke
  • Direct drive, no pulleys or belts
  • Ram completes forward and automatic return cycle in 23 seconds
  • 14 inch tires are standard
  • 5 horsepower engine
  • Power lift optional

Front view of woodsplitter

Standard model woodsplitter

Tractor powered woodsplitter