Schweiss Mini-Backhoes for Kids


Mini-Backhoe for Kids In 1981 Leo was inspired to build a sandbox toy for his son and the Schweiss Mini-Backhoe for Kids was developed. This heavy durable sandbox Mini-Backhoe provides hours of entertainment along with developing large and small motor skills.

Over 700 Mini-Backhoes have been sold to satisfied park departments, resort owners and individual families. Their sturdy construction outlives a childhood and can be passed down from generation to generation!

The Mini-Backhow features:

  • Durable - lasts longer than any other toys, because it's made to!
  • Lets your children use their imagination
  • Utilizes childs large muscles and developes large and small motor skills
  • Reasonable price - compare to rocking horses, toy tractors, combines, bikes, trikes, etc...
  • Makes a great Christmas gift

Let your children learn while they play... with a Schweiss Mini-Backhoe -- They will love you for it!

Price: Please call for pricing
Please allow 2 - 6 weeks for delivery.

Call or e-mail to order.

Kids playing with mini-backhoe Playing with the Mini-Backhoe